Now, more than ever, having digital access to the information you need is important. Our new digital clearance process will support the remote working environments to which so many Nova Scotians are adjusting to. 

WCB Nova Scotia clearance status indicates whether a company is in good standing, which means the company has coverage, has met payroll reporting requirements, and has no outstanding balance. 

For updates on our new digital clearance process, please continue to check this page. 

Clearance letters are now completely digital


We have moved to a completely digital clearance process through MyAccount. You can now access clearance information when and where you need to.
This means that we are no longer mailing paper clearance letters. All future clearance letters will only be available through MyAccount.

Access clearance on MyAccount

To access a clearance letter, you need to be registered for MyAccount, if are not already. 

To register, please call 1-800-870-3331 with your Business Number for your account registration code. Once you have your code, visit to sign up. If your organization already has a MyAccount super user, they will need to add you.

From MyAccount, you can:
  • Save, print, and share clearance letters for both yourself and contractors.
  • Search for and check clearance status of contractors.
  • Manage contractor lists.
  • See expiry date directly on the clearance letter. Accounts will remain in good standing for the full quarter, unless the account is closed. 

For steps on how to register and access clearance letters for you and your contractors, visit our site for support at  

Clearance FAQs

Have a question regarding clearance? Read on to see if your question is addressed. Still haven’t found the information you were looking for? Call us at 1-800-870-3331

Q: How will I receive my clearance letter for the July 1 - September 30 quarter?
A: Clearance letters will be available on MyAccount after June 15 for employers who are in good standing. You will need to be registered with MyAccount to access clearance letters for yourself and contractors. We are no longer mailing paper clearance letters. 

Q: I am not registered for MyAccount, how do I sign up?
A: If you’re not registered, please call 1-800-870-3331 with your Business Number (BN) to obtain your Account Registration code, then visit to sign up. If your organization already has a MyAccount super user, they will need to add you.

Q: If I defer my premium payments to WCB will I still receive a clearance letter?

A: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WCB premium payments from employers are able to be deferred until October 2020. Employers who choose to defer premium payments will still receive a clearance letter for the July 1 – September 30 quarter, as long as they were in good standing as of the end of February 2020.

Employers who choose to defer premium payments and continue to report payroll will receive their clearance letter by mail. They will be able to see their letter on MyAccount in early July once we have updated our system to reflect this.  

Please note that these employers are in good standing until June 30.   

Hiring contractors

As a principal contractor who hires contractors, it's important to make sure you check and track their clearance status. 

Contractor with no WCB coverage

  • If the contractor operates in a mandatory industry and does not have WCB coverage, include the labour portion of their work in your regular payroll reporting. 
  • If the contractor does not operate in a mandatory industry, you do not need to pay premiums on their behalf. 
    The contractor is not covered by workers’ compensation insurance in the event of an injury. 

Contractor with WCB coverage
  • If the contractor is in good standing, your experience rating won’t be impacted if they have a claim during the contract. You also don’t pay WCB premiums on their labour.
  • If the contractor is not in good standing, you and the contractor are jointly responsible for premiums associated with the contractor’s work. You may withhold the amount of the contractor’s premium from the contract. This is the only situation in which you can hold back a portion of the contractor’s wages.

How to check clearance status

Checking your own clearance status

Managing your contractor list

Searching for contractors