Optimism, opportunity define WCB Nova Scotia’s 2021-2023 Strategic Priorities (June 28/21)

WCB Nova Scotia’s 2021-2023 Strategic Priorities chart a course for new possibility and opportunity, with a clear focus on return to work and coming financial sustainability. 

In a nod to that innovative spirit, the plan is digital-only, published at strategicplan.wcb.ns.ca.

“We are embracing a whole new kind of future at the WCB,” says CEO Stuart MacLean. 

“Not only has the world of work changed in a fundamental way, but the tools we have, our processes, and our organization as a whole, is markedly different than even a few short years ago. This is an exciting time.”

Over the next few months, we will start conversations with stakeholders about the opportunities ahead to ensure we have a well-funded, sustainable workers’ compensation system for Nova Scotia into the future.

2021-2023 Strategic Priorities focus on five key areas:

Injury Prevention 
We will continue to reduce the provincial workplace injury rate and work toward the elimination of workplace fatalities.

Return to Work
We will support people injured on the job and their employers by working to improve our support for safe and timely return to work. 

Our People and Their Service
We will continue to build a workplace employees are proud to be part of, where people want to be, and our work in inclusion and diversity will be key to this success and our next chapter.

Supporting System Reform
We will continue to lead the ongoing, important conversations with our system partners and stakeholders toward improving the workers’ compensation system for all Nova Scotians, now and generations into the future.

Funding Our Future 
We will work to ensure progress is maintained for the longer term, in a model that is sustainable on an inter-generational basis, protecting Nova Scotia’s workers and employers today, tomorrow and always.