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What's Changing for Workers

Update: Monthly benefit payments are currently being processed. It's taking longer than expected, and we apologize. If you receive your payments by direct deposit, you can expect to receive your payment within one to two business days. If you receive your payment by cheque, please allow a few days for the mail.

We’re modernizing our systems and processes to provide you with better service and more online services.  The following are some of the service changes we’ve made for workers.

What's New?

Improving Our Letters




These letters are for the purpose of example only and contain no real claim or employer details.

Our old letters could be confusing. Our new letters are easier to read, feature an updated design, and clearly highlight the information you need to know.

More Convenient Worker Payment Schedules

Workers with new claims will receive pension payment dates linked to when their claim was opened.  In many cases, that means they will receive their payments sooner – they won’t have to wait for the pre-determined date.

With our new systems, people who receive monthly benefits from us will no longer need to check the payment schedule to know when to expect them.  Monthly benefits are processed on the 10th of the month.  

Connecting With Your Case Worker

If you’ve been injured at work and need time off to recover, your case worker will call you. During that call, you’ll get to know your return-to-work team and we will ensure that we have everything we need to get your claim started quickly. After that, we’ll help get you connected to WCB Online too, so that you can have convenient access to your claim any time, day or night.