What's Changing for Workers

We’re modernizing our systems and processes to provide you with better service and more online services.  The following are some of the service changes we’ll be making for workers in June 2019. 

Improving Our Letters

How does it work now?
Currently the letters we send tend to speak about our processes in legal terms.

How will it improve in 2019?
The letters you receive from us will look different and will be easier to understand. 

More Convenient Worker Payment Schedules

How does it work now?
Currently workers receive their pension payments on a predetermined schedule. New workers are aligned to this schedule, regardless of the date their claim was opened.

How will it improve in 2019?
Workers will receive their payments sooner. Workers with existing claims will have their payment schedule adjusted to the second Wednesday of every month, whereas workers with new claims will receive pension payment dates linked to when their claim was opened.
Today, holidays can sometimes cause delays for workers to receive their payments. We’re changing so that payments will be sent automatically two days prior to the weekend/holiday date.

Connecting With Your Case Worker

How does it work now?
Today if you’ve been injured at work and need time off to recover, how and when you connect with your case worker as we adjudicate your claim may vary.

How will it improve in 2019?
If you’ve been injured at work and need time off to recover, your case worker will call you. During that call, you’ll get to know your return-to-work team and we will ensure that we have everything we need to get your claim started quickly. After that, we’ll help get you connected to WCB Online too, so that you can have convenient access to your claim any time, day or night.  

More WCB Online Enhancements

More information about WCB Online enhancements is coming soon. 

As we update our systems, significant training will be required for all WCB employees. The training period is scheduled to begin on March 25. During this time, it’s possible that some calls may not be returned as quickly as we would like, and we may take longer than usual to reply to secure online messages. As always, please stay in touch. We will review and respond as quickly as possible, balancing both customer service and the need to ensure proper training on our new systems. We thank you for your patience as we work towards a new and improved WCB Nova Scotia.