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What's Changing for Service Providers

We’re modernizing our systems and processes to provide you with better service and more online service options.  The following are some of the service changes we’ll be making for Service Providers in June 2019. 

What's New? 

Medical Aid Statements

Currently, service providers receive a detailed statement with each cheque payment from WCB Nova Scotia. In June, we will only send you a detailed statement monthly.

Currently, WCB Nova Scotia only processes payments for service providers two days a week. In June 2019, we will begin processing payment in real time, daily, which will ensure you receive payment for the service you have provided, faster. 

Physician Billing

Improvements are coming to how physicians’ claims are processed at WCB, and beginning June 27, 2019, physicians will have to submit a WCB claim number and/or a workers injury date (month and year) when submitting claims payment.

Confirming a worker is eligible for benefits at the time of claim submission helps prevent billing errors and the need for payment reversals, and will ensure claims continue to be paid efficiently. It is important to note that if a workers doesn’t have a WCB claim number yet, only the injury date (month and year) need be submitted. 

In addition, we know that timely information is important and WCB is committed to improving communications. Also in June 2019, WCB will notify physicians when there are eligibility changes related to a worker receiving care. Updates will occur when coverage has been approved, denied, or closed, and if a worker transitions to receiving long-term benefits from a return-to-work plan. 

Ongoing updates will be provided by Medavie via the MSI Physician’s Bulletin. If you do not receive the Bulletin, you can subscribe here. 

We appreciate your patience as we work towards a new and improved WCB Nova Scotia.