What's Changing for Employers

We’re modernizing our systems and processes to provide you with better service and more online services. The following are some of the service changes we’ll be making for employers in June 2019. 

What's New?

New MyAccount Employer Portal

We’re improving MyAccount, WCB’s online service for employers, to make it easier for employers to support safe and timely return to work. Here’s just a few examples of how we’re changing. More information will follow soon.

See all of the claims associated with your account on one page

Update payroll information

Self-serve claim reports

Update account information

Receive automatic payment reminders

Seasonal workplaces can suspend their account for the off season

Confirm WCB good standing for subcontractors

Keep track of subcontractors, eliminating the need to submit a report

Methods of Payment

Starting in 2019, we will no longer accept cash or post-dated cheques, and we’ll stop accepting post-dated cheques for dates in 2019 from now on. Regular cheques will still be accepted, and payments may still be made through financial institutions online and in person. The exception is post-dated cheques that have already been delivered to the WCB for payment dates in 2019 – these will be retained and deposited as usual. 

Canada Revenue Agency’s free My Payment service is a fast and easy way to remit your WCB premiums. Learn more at canada.ca, or call us at 1-800-870-3331.

Special Protection Renewal

How does it work now?
Currently, Special Protection employers re-apply for coverage every year. 

How will it improve in 2019?
Starting in 2020, employers who purchase Special Protection coverage won’t need to re-apply. 

For each year thereafter, as long as full payment is received, coverage will continue. Non-payment will automatically trigger the cancellation process. Special Protection employers will receive more information about automatic renewal this fall. 

We appreciate your patience as we work towards a new and improved WCB Nova Scotia.