What's in Our Plan

2020: WCB Nova Scotia’s Plan for Modernization

Our business modernization focuses on three key areas:

This transformation will also impact the work we do and how we do it, as we implement new tools and resources to strengthen how we provide service and organize our information. We will consider our employees and Union through this change.


Successes to date:

Online employer registration continues to streamline this once paper-based, process. Since launching in 2015, 92% of registrations have been completed online.

Today, more than 87% of all benefit payments to workers are made through direct deposit compared to 54% in November 2015, before changes were made.

From June to October, 2017, 2,081 workers registered for WCB Online, our new online services for workers


2017: Secure Online Services for Employers, Workers and Service Providers

As we mark 100 years of operation in 2017, online service is coming to WCB Nova Scotia.

Workers and service providers will be able to access account information, send messages and attachments, and submit some forms online – giving you access to the things you need, when you need them.

Employers have had online access through MyAccount for more than 10 years – allowing them to review their Statement of Account, annual rates, request and receive clearance letters, submit injury reports and more.

As part of our service enhancements, employers will be able to send messages and attachments securely online instead of having to fax, mail or deliver important documents.

The changes will happen in phases, and functionality will be improved over time.



2017-2020 Replacing our core technology systems

The systems that run the core of our business – claims and assessments – are over 25 years old.

Needless to say, they are showing their age. They simply don’t allow us to meet the needs of customers, and we will be assuming significant risk if we don’t update our systems and processes to be in line with the way the world works today.