A long term plan – a long term investment

Transformation of this magnitude is a significant investment, but will result in important improvements – making it easier for people to do business with us and allowing us to better support claims, process information, and ultimately help reduce the time lost due to workplace injury. 

In other jurisdictions where similar systems have been replaced, the investment has been in the tens of millions of dollars.


The investment is not expected to affect our funding timeline or employer rates, as long as we continue making progress in injury prevention and return to work – and that progress is, of course, also dependent on better systems.

A closer look

• In 2016-2017, we spent approximately $11 million to implement online services and other online capabilities for workers, employers and service providers. Learn more about WCB Online.

The estimated cost for implementing Guidewire to replace our core systems is approximately $25 million, spread over three years (2017-2020). There will also be ongoing, annual licensing costs and support costs, which are subject to negotiation.