WCB Safety Certified

WCB Safety Certified LogoPreventing workplace injuries is about more than just writing a safety policy, forming a JOHS committee or providing first aid training. 

It’s about making a commitment to your employees, customers, suppliers and community to continuously work towards a healthy and safe workplace.

The Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia encourages employers to demonstrate leadership and commitment to workplace health and safety by becoming WCB Safety Certified.

A WCB Safety Certified accreditation is issued to companies who have passed an audit of their health and safety management system.  The audits are conducted by audit providers approved by the WCB to conduct WCB Safety Certified audits.

WCB Safety Certified accreditation demonstrates that your business takes safety seriously. That is why some procurement processes require it. Companies who want to bid on work for the Government of Nova Scotia – particularly construction work for the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal – are required to have a passed an audit of their health and safety management system by a WCB-approved audit provider.  In recent years, a number of other major companies, universities and municipalities have adopted this requirement as part of their tendering processes.

A WCB Safety Certified audit measures the effectiveness of a company's health and safety management system across 22 elements.

WCB Safety Certified Approved Audit Providers are:

View examples of questions an auditor might ask when auditing your safety system.

Health and safety service providers and associations provide more than just audits. They are an excellent source for various other tools to help employers improve their safety performance. 

For more information about WCB Safety Certified, contact us at Employer.Incentives@wcb.ns.ca.

If your COR was issued by another province's Construction Safety Association, you may be eligible for a CSNS COR through a reciprocity program. Contact CSNS at (902) 468-6696 for more information.