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Workplace insurance

Workplace Injury Insurance

Most employers in Nova Scotia are required by law to register their business with WCB Nova Scotia. But, workplace injury insurance also provides peace of mind: it protects you against lawsuits resulting from workplace injuries and provides workers with benefits to cover medical expenses and wage loss in the event of a workplace injury. 

Payment & Reporting

Did you know you can pay your premiums online? There are lots of options for reporting to the WCB and making payments.

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Understanding Employer Rates

The rate you pay for workplace injury insurance includes an Industry Rate and an Experience Rating adjustment. In many cases, it also includes an Industry Safety Association levy. 

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Employer Forms

Looking for a form? From employer registration and appeal forms to injury reports, find them here.

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Do you need Workplace Injury Insurance?

Most workplaces are required to have WCB workplace injury insurance in Nova Scotia. 

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