WCB Online Services – Workers

WCB Online is a new, secure online service specifically for workers. It's your one-stop-shop for information about your claim. With WCB Online you can:

  • Submit various forms, such as travel expenses, direct deposit sign-up, and more.
  • Monitor your claim process at your convenience, including payments.
  • Securely ask questions about your claim, and get the answers quickly.
  • Access all of this from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

No matter what stage you are in your claim, you can start using WCB Online now.

Help us serve you better. WCB Online is quick, secure, and convenient.

Sign up is easy. Register for a WCB Online Account

To sign up, you will need your claim number, health card number and date of birth. Already signed up? Login to WCB Online

WCB Online support for workers
Questions about how to use your WCB Online Account? Check out our support site.

With WCB Online your personal information is protected by security features that meet or surpass industry standards.

  • The system is designed to meet industry standard security requirements.
  • Email reminders to change passwords are sent on a regular basis.
  • No personal information is shared within email notifications.
  • You can’t access your account from emails without your login details.
  • Registration requires name, health card number and claim number to verify identity.