What's New

Here we will list consultations taking place across the province to help develop policies on a wide range of issues as well as new or amended policies

Open for consultation

Stemming from a recent Court of Appeal Decision, (“Surette v. Nova Scotia (Workers’ Compensation Board), 2017 NSCA 81”), regarding board Policy 1.2.5AR1: Occupational Hearing Loss – Injuries on or after January 1, 2000 the Board of Directors has determined they will strike out the clause in the existing policy regarding the requirement for an audiogram within 5 years of leaving the noisy work environment.In compliance with Board policy on consultation the Board has decided that this policy change will follow a one-step consultation process for the minimum 30 days.  Click the following link for access to the full document details, (Program Policy Background Paper: Noise Induced Hearing Loss). 

This consultation is open for stakeholder feedback until February 16th, 2018.

New or Amended Policies

Rate Setting Policy Clarifications (Policy Consultation):

In December 2016 the WCB Board of Directors added the topic of the clarification of two rate setting policies to the Revolving Program Policy Agenda.  This topic emerged from the appeal system as a result of a WCAT decision dealing with Rate Group formation, monitoring, and adjustment that is done for the purpose of setting employer assessment rates.

From May 03 to June 30 2017 the WCB consulted on revisions to two rate setting policies.  The document “Program Policy Background Paper - Clarification of Rate setting Policies: Policy 9.3.1R2 – Classification, Rate Setting and Experience Rating Process and Policy 9.3.3R1Data Used in Rate Setting at Rate Group Level” was posted to the WCB website and e-mailed to stakeholders.

The WCB received four stakeholder submissions in response to the consultation. The Board of Directors thanks all stakeholders for taking the time to prepare feedback and participate in the policy consultation process.
On November 23, 2017 the Board of Directors considered the stakeholder feedback and approved the final policy revisions in the following report; "Rate Setting Clarifications - Final Program Policy and Supporting Rationale".