The term “policy” is broad and can mean different things in different environments. At the WCB, our Board-developed policies, along with the  Workers’ Compensation Act and provincial regulations, help to establish the framework for determining coverage and benefits. Generally, program policies are used to:

  • Define discretionary authority granted under the legislation and/or regulations;
  • To clarify a legislated or regulatory requirement; and 
  • To provide direction and clarification to support consistent decision-making.  

The Policies that have been approved by the WCB’s Board are binding on the WCB.  They are also binding on the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal (WCAT), unless WCAT finds a policy to be inconsistent with the The Workers’ Compensation Act.  This means that policies become part of the legal framework and have the force of law.

WCB Policy Manual
Workers’ Compensation Act of Nova Scotia