Service providers selected for Traumatic Psychological Injury program (May 20/21)

As WCB Nova Scotia works to develop an overall Mental Health Strategy, we began to look for a service provider, or provider group, to develop a comprehensive, integrated, Traumatic Psychological Injury (TPI) program.

Rooted in research and best practice, we are moving toward a new kind of service model for supporting workers with psychological injuries, alongside three successful service provider partners. CBI, Homewood Health, and Lifemark will work with us to re-imagine the way we support people who suffer psychological injuries on the job. 

“These providers will help us move forward in a new and innovative way to support workers recovering from psychological injuries as they progress toward recovery,” said Shelly Dauphinee, Director, Workplace Services and Specialized Adjudication. “Claims are more complex with more factors in recovery to consider than ever before. We all need to work together to bring about safe, healthy, return to work while also continuing progress in workplace injury prevention.”

A step in that direction is WCB’s Working to Well program, an Atlantic-Canada-wide partnership built to raise awareness, and provide tools and resources when it comes to adopting the principle that work is healthy, with the goal of improving return to work outcomes.