Safety Notice from the Office of the Fire Marshal and EMO (Feb 26/15)

Safety notice to clear snow, ice away from fuel lines and vents

The Office of the Fire Marshal and the Emergency Management Office are recommending to everyone who uses oil, natural gas or propane gas to clear snow and ice away from the supply lines, vents and air intakes.

Government has been made aware of several incidents where snow loads have blocked outside vents or where snow has moved and ice has shifted, breaking fuel lines to heating and other appliances.

"We know that there have been several incidents in which snow loads have caused fuel supply lines to break away from their anchors, and in some cases the fuel supply line has broken," said Harold Pothier, provincial fire marshal. "If there is any concern the fuel supply line is not intact, or is damaged, safety officials advise contacting a professional immediately."

Blocked vents and air intakes, and broken fuel lines can result in increased levels of carbon monoxide.

This safety notice is not related to the incident that occurred on Tuesday, Feb. 24, in Waterville involving a furnace that exploded and destroyed a home.

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