PIR pilot program continues to support strong safety culture in construction & trucking (May 20/15)

Rebate cheques worth nearly $1.34 million were issued by the WCB in late April to construction and trucking firms who qualified for the Practice Incentive Rebate Program in 2014. In total, $1,088,601 was distributed to 895 unique construction firms, and $248,672 to 237 unique trucking firms.

Developed in partnership with the Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association and the Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association, the program was funded by employers and offered rebates on workplace insurance premiums for businesses who received either a Certificate of Recognition (COR) or Safety Certified accreditation in 2013 and 2014. The program encouraged employers to implement effective health and safety management systems as an important step toward reducing the risk of workplace injuries. 

The program reinforces the fact that safety is a good investment. A safe work environment means less risk of workplace injuries, less time lost due to injury, and a more engaged and productive workforce. Safer workplaces also support a strong and competitive provincial economy. 

In construction, thanks to the hard work of organizations like the Construction Safety Association, the industry is helping businesses build the discipline to be safe and to work safely every day. For many projects, safety accreditation has been built into tendering requirements, and both the Certificate of Recognition and WCB Safety Certified programs are an example of how to achieve both focus and discipline through a rigorous program. 

The Practice Incentive Rebate program supports the Workplace Safety Strategy for Nova Scotians. This five-year plan establishes strong goals for health and safety and long-term vision of making Nova Scotia the safest place to work in Canada. 

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