Reasons to attend the Workplace Health & Safety Conference April 10 and 11 (March 23/17)

Reprinted from the Cutting Edge Safety website 

Four great reasons why you should attend this year’s 35th Annual Workplace Health and Safety Conference.

1. Education: The key part of our Workplace Health and Safety Conference is the return investment that our delegates and exhibitors benefit from. Each session is specifically targeted to Workplace Health & Safety and is designed to be educational for all. We guarantee that your employees will gain new knowledge that will help make your organization a safer workplace.

2. Networking Opportunities: Delegates from various organizations in health & safety sectors come together to discuss experiences, educate, and make valuable contacts. There are over 30 sessions, workshops, and three tours specifically chosen to meet the needs of the delegation.

3. Encourage and Motivate Employees: Help motivate employees who are enthusiastic about their role in health & workplace safety, by exposing them to additional resources. Learn from the top safety leading professionals, about their experiences, presentations by local organizations on their successes, and why workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility.

4. Gather Useful Information: With an exhibit hall full of 60 exhibitors, you can collect everything you need from the latest materials, brochures, research and more.

The 35th annual Workplace Health & Safety Conference takes place in Halifax at the World Trade and Convention Centre on April 10 and 11. 

The presenting sponsors are the Province of Nova Scotia and WCB Nova Scotia. For more information, including the conference agenda and details on how to register, click here