Q3 Report to the Community: COVID-19 continues to shape the workplace in summer of 2020 (Jan. 22/21)

WCB Nova Scotia’s Q3 2020 Report to the Community is now available.

As the global pandemic continues to impact Nova Scotia’s economy, the summer months of 2020 unfolded differently than in years past. In a typical year, seasonal work and an increase in some industries with an outdoor focus drive higher numbers of workplace injuries in the summer months. But Q3 2020 saw a lower than typical injury rate of 1.52, and only 1,280 time-loss claims, compared to the 1,500 claims WCB Nova Scotia would typically see over the same period.

Operational highlights in the report include a look at some of the employers who have recently been celebrated through our Workplace Recognition program, an update on how we're advancing our services for workers who experience a traumatic psychological injury on the job, and an introduction to our new Chief Financial Officer among others. 

Our strong financial progress continued, and we ended the third quarter 95.5 per cent of the way toward elimination of the unfunded liability, as it is measured at present.

Read the full report online now.