Injury rate at a historic low, but those who are hurt tend to be off longer (Feb 16/17)

Report to the Community for the third quarter released

HALIFAX, NS – Nova Scotia’s workers and employers continued making workplace safety a priority, and the rate of injury in Q3 remained relatively steady at 1.74, the lowest result in the history of the measure. 

The WCB’s Q3 Report to the Community highlights the progress that has been made in workplace safety. This progress includes industry-based leadership, such as the fishing sector’s continued implementation of the Fishing Safety Now plan. However, the human and financial impact of workplace injuries that do happen continued to deepen in the third quarter of 2016, with the average claim duration increasing nearly 110 days. 

The community report includes other operational news and highlights, including: 

  • Roughly 150 safety leaders, including many CEOs, met in Halifax to strengthen their commitment to workplace safety at a conference on mental health.
  • The first round of consultations sessions for front-line employees and managers in long term care and home care were held in November and December. These consultations are in support of an action plan for Nova Scotia’s health and community services sectors.
  • The second annual Warehouse Symposium, organized by WCB Nova Scotia, brought together more than 40 safety champions in warehouse and materials management.
  • The fourth annual Workplace Safety Workshop for small and medium businesses was held in Halifax in November to continue to improve workplace safety. 
  • The WCB gathered feedback as it develops a new policy to provide clarity and consistency for workers with pre-existing medical conditions. 

    To access WCB Nova Scotia's full third quarter Report to the Community, which includes financial results, click here

WCB Nova Scotia’s community report provides an overview of our activities during the previous quarter. We make this information public so stakeholders can review and assess our performance as the year unfolds. We do not publish a fourth quarter community report as this information is included in our annual report, which is published each year in April.