EVENT: General Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Roadshow

Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSIs) account for 64% of lost time claims in Nova Scotia in 2015.  Knowing the risk factors associated with these injuries and how to address them helps us to prevent them from happening in the future.

This full day General Ergonomics and MSI Prevention workshop will give you and your employees time to think, discuss, learn about and apply: 

  • General ergonomics principles
  • MSI awareness
  • Identifying ergonomics risks in your workplace
  • Evaluating ergonomics risks in the workplace
  • Implementing controls in the workplace to prevent ergonomics risks. 

This workshop is intended for:

OHS Professionals; Employers • Managers;Supervisors; Workers; OHS Committee Members; HR Professionals; WHS Representatives; Return-to-Work Specialists Operations

Resources include:

  • Ergonomics Evaluation tool
  • Handouts regarding MSIs and Ergonomics
  • Body discomfort Survey

Outcomes include:

  • Clear, consistent information and resources
  • Built-in activities to practice and apply information
  • Being able to take information and apply it to your own workplaces

Register for the roadshow in your area.

NOTE: All workshops are taking place at NSCC in the area and are 9:00-3:00. Lunch is provided.  Registration will be closed the week before each session.  

Tuesday, April 25th – Yarmouth

Wednesday, April 26th - Bridgewater

SOLD OUT: Thursday, May 4th – Kentville

Tuesday, May 16th – Amherst

Wednesday, May 17th – Port Hawkesbury

SOLD OUT: Thursday, May 18th – Sydney

SOLD OUT: Wednesday, May 24th – Halifax – IT Campus

SOLD OUT: Monday, May 15th – Truro

SOLD OUT: Friday, May 26 – Dartmouth, NSCC Waterfront Campus


Questions and Answers for Ergonomics Workshop

1. Do I need to know what ergonomics is to add this session?
This workshop is intended to provided general ergonomics and musculoskeletal injury prevention to anyone with an interest in the topic.  

2. Who should attend the session?
This workshop is intended for OHS professionals, employers, workers, WH&S reps, Operations managers, supervisors, HR professionals, OHS committee members, return to work specialists.

3. How long is the workshop?
Registration starts at 8:30 and the session runs from 9:00am until 3:00pm and will include breaks and lunch.

4. What is the cost of the workshop?
There is no additional cost for the workshop.

5. Can more than 1 person attend the workshop for a workplace?
Provided there are seats available you can have more than one person attend from a workplace.  If the seats do get filled and we have a wait list we may ask you to limit numbers.

6. What will I get out of the workshop?
You will be provided clear and consistent information and resources on ergonomics that you will be able to practice and apply to your own workplaces.

7. What if I have more questions about the workshop?
You can contact the Ergonomists at WCB at 902-717-5891 or 902-478-5702.  They will gladly answer any questions that you have!