Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020

There has been incredible progress in Nova Scotia over the past several years when it comes to workplace safety and return to work. This plan charts our vision for continued progress in reducing the impact of workplace injury, toward financial sustainability. It also calls for much-needed modernization in the way we serve workers and employers.

We’ll continue to support all industries to improve injury prevention and return to work outcomes, and we’re putting extra focus on high risk sectors such as healthcare and fishing. We’re focused on these strategic goals.

From the Meredith Report to 2020

In 1910, Sir William Meredith was appointed to a royal commission to study workers’ compensation. His final report, known as the Meredith report was produced in 1913. 

The Meredith report outlined a trade-off in which workers relinquish their right to sue their employers over a workplace injury in exchange for compensation benefits...

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Measuring Progress

To monitor the outcomes of this strategic plan, the WCB uses a balanced scorecard to measure progress towards our goals. The scorecard tracks our results according to financial and non-financial measures.

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WCB Nova Scotia Charts Course with New Strategic Plan 2016-2020

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