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Strategic Plans

Strategic Plan 2016-2020
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Yearly Plans

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2018 Funding Strategy

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Community Reports - We publish a Community Report quarterly, that includes an overview of our activities during the previous quarter, including financial results. We make this information public so stakeholders can review and assess our performance as the year unfolds. We do not publish a fourth quarter community report as this information is included in our Annual Report, which is published each year in July. Key safety outcomes for the previous year are shared through our Statistical Summary, which is published in April.

Financial Statements - The WCB follows International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Annual Reports - We produce annual reports as a way of being accountable to our stakeholders. Our reports include messages from our Chair and CEO, lists of activities undertaken during the year and proposed for the next year, statistics and financial information. 

Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives - This document outlines the responsibilities for fund management by the Investment Committee. The basic goal of the document is to ensure that the assets of the Fund, together with expected contributions, are invested in a continued, prudent, and effective manner so as to optimally meet the liabilities of the Workers' Compensation Board.

Auditor General Report: This section of our website is our hub for the OAG report, and our implementation of all recommendations, which is happening under the oversight of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee of the Board of Directors.

Corporate Performance Measures

The WCB tracks its performance using a Balanced Scorecard that contains a mix of financial and non-financial performance measures crucial to the fulfillment of the WCB’s vision, mission, goals and values. Each performance measure is monitored and updated throughout the year to track our progress toward our set targets. The fourth quarter of every year is reported in that year's Annual Report.

The WCB’s scorecard has four quadrants: 

  • Service and Governance
  • Operations 
  • Employee 
  • Financial 

The performance measures help the WCB drive change and enhance our business operations. The measures also help us identify challenges and opportunities so we can better meet the needs of the people we serve and benchmark our performance over time. 

Latest Update:  Q3 2018

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