Chris Power, Deputy Chair

Chris Power joined the Board of Directors for WCB Nova Scotia in 2008 as Deputy Chair, and was reappointed for a second five-year term in 2013. Chris has served as acting Chair of the Board from 2009 to 2010, and from April 2015 until January 2016.  

In addition to his role as Deputy Chair, Chris is currently the Chair of the Investment Committee, and he is a member of the Governance and Policy Committee.  

A  CPA, Chartered Accountant, and a Member of the Nova Scotia Institute, Chris has held senior management positions specializing in finance, operations and distribution and corporate governance.  Chris has held Chair and membership positions on various industry, business and community-based boards.

“As Deputy Chair of the Board, I am committed to working with my fellow Board members, stakeholders and system partners to make Nova Scotia  a safe work environment – one where safety is top of mind and we work to  reduce the toll of workplace injury. While we have seen encouraging progress with regard to the number of people injured in our province, we must remain focused on improving outcomes to ensure that all workers in Nova Scotia return home safely without injury.”