Workers' Compensation Safety Board of Nova Scotia

Payment and Reporting

Assessment Payment Plan

The Assessment Payment Plan outlines the process you use to make your remittances (i.e., report your payroll and pay your WCB premiums). It is made possible through a partnership we have with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The Assessment Payment Plan is based on the payroll deductions program of the CRA, and uses many of the rules and processes used in CRA programs. Although we maintain ownership of the Assessment Payment Plan, the involvement of the CRA is significant and vital. The role of the CRA is to accept remittances from employers on our behalf.

Remittance Frequencies, Reporting Periods and Due Dates

Making your remittances is a periodic process occurring throughout the year, and in most cases, on the same schedule you would use to report to the CRA. If you do not currently report to the CRA, you are still required to report your WCB remittances through the CRA. In this case, we will provide you with a Business Number.

Currently, there are six remitting frequencies:

  • monthly;
  • quarterly;
  • twice a month (Threshold 1);
  • four times a month (Threshold 2);
  • bi-weekly payroll (Threshold T2B); and
  • semi-monthly payroll (Threshold T2S).

If you have more than one account, each account may require a different reporting frequency. For example, you may have a separate account for (sub)contractors, if you use them. Generally, all (sub)contractor remittances are made quarterly, regardless how often remittances are made for your other accounts. However, you may contact the WCB at 1-877-211-9267 toll free to arrange to make (sub)contractor remittances more often, if you prefer. Use the same number to  contact us if you would like to set up a new account to align with your CRA reporting.

If you have special protection coverage, you do not participate in the Assessment Payment Plan. However, you are still required to have a Business Number and pay a premium for your coverage. In this case, the premium is paid at the time your application is submitted, and it is paid directly to us (not to the CRA).

Upon registration, we confirm your payment frequency and provide details about important dates in the remitting process. They are highlighted again here for your convenience. For more clarification, review the examples.

For more information on the remitting process, please read the Employer Information Guide.

Making Your Remittance

When you are ready to submit your payment and remittance voucher, can chose from any payment channel currently used to make payments to the Canada Revenue Agency. 

Remittance Options (These options allow you to report payroll and make a payment)

Electronic Payment – Canada Revenue Agency’s My Payment is an electronic payment service using Interac®

Online that allows you to make payments directly to the CRA from your online banking account.

Online Banking (Business Accounts only) – Submit an online payment if you have a business account at one of these major banks: BMO Financial Group, CIBC, Laurentian Bank of Canada, RBC Royal Bank, Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust. Credit unions are not included. 

Financial Institution – Make your payment in person at any financial institution of your choice. Only the original micro encoded vouchers will be accepted. 

Reporting Payroll

If you are only reporting payroll, you can fax or phone as follows:

By Phone: Contact us toll free at 1-877-211-9267. You can report your payroll through secure automated phone features 24/7. Simply follow the prompts for reporting payroll when you call:

    Press 2 for Employer
    Press 2 for Account Information
    Press 2 to Report payroll

Please note, you will need your Business Number and 2-digit Division Number ready.

By Fax: Include your Business Number (BN) and payroll information. Fax to 1-902-491-8326

By TeleReply: You can also use the automated telephone reporting system available to our clients through a partnership with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) known as TeleReply. When you call TeleReply at 1-800-959-2256, the system will guide you through each step of the process.