Workers' Compensation Safety Board of Nova Scotia


MyAccount is an online business tool for employers giving them 24/7 access to their account information as well as real-time information on their workers' compensation claims.

Up-to-the minute information on injury claims, trends and costs will help you manage and improve your prevention and return-to-work programs. 


You can use MyAccount to…

  • View and calculate the costs of injuries on your business and compare your experience to your industry 
  • Monitor claims and their costs in real time 
  • Submit forms electronically including Injury Reports 
  • View Statement of Account and reported payroll 
  • View Occupational Heath and Safety information such as inspection reports and compliance orders 
  • View all newly registered claims and specific information such as case worker and direct phone numbers 
  • Identify claims with outstanding Injury Reports 
  • Monitor appeals 

Many companies are already realizing the benefits of having access to all their important WCB information in one location, when they want it. If you’re not yet connected, make it a priority to register for this convenient service. 

Visit MyAccount to sign up. 

For more information about MyAccount and how it can benefit you, call toll-free 1-877-211-9267.