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Preventing Workplace Injuries: It Takes Leadership 
Big employer or small, public sector or private, as a leader you can influence change in your workplace. If you don’t believe in safety, your employees won’t either. Preventing injury starts at the top. If you’re the boss, read this if not, slide a copy to your boss’s desk.

Preventing Workplace Injuries: Getting Started
This is the Coles Notes for workplace injury prevention. It's a how-to guide with easy steps to getting the prevention ball rolling. Take a few minutes to read it - what you learn could have a lifetime of impact.

Preventing Workplace Injuries: A Resource Manual
Want to set up a comprehensive approach to safety? Created by our workplace safety experts, the manual is a comprehensive guide to what you need to know. Complete with dividers and binder covers, it lays out more details on the fundamentals of a safety culture. Print it, assemble it, and you’ll have your own ongoing safety binder.

Preventing Workplace Injuries: Survey
The Preventing Workplace Injuries Survey is a series of questions to get you thinking about safety in your workplace. It can be completed by every employee in a workplace or in a single department and is a handy tool for employers and managers to measure what their employees understand and feel about workplace safety. 

Sprains and Strains: Preventing musculoskeletal injury through workplace design
Packed with diagrams and easy-to-read real-life examples, this booklet is an introduction to preventing musculoskeletal injuries - responsible for most time-loss workplace injury in Nova Scotia. 


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