Workers' Compensation Safety Board of Nova Scotia

Claim Payment Processing Schedule

In this section find out information about enrolling in direct deposit and the payment schedule for various types of claim payments.

About Direct Deposit

Sign up for direct deposit: WCB Nova Scotia offers direct deposit as a secure method of payment for regular monthly long-term benefits, temporary benefits, and/or payments for medical aid/travel expenses paid by WCB. Complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

Benefits of Direct Deposit
•    There is virtually no risk of cheques being held up by third party mailing delays.
•    Your payment is safe from being lost or stolen.
•    All Canadian banks and credit unions make direct deposit convenient, secure, and reliable for their customers.

Note: If you have enrolled in direct deposit, your benefit payments will be deposited directly into your account within three days of being issued. For example, if a temporary benefit payment was issued on November 16, on average, you can expect to receive your payment in your bank account three days later, by November 19, and by cheque in the mail by November 23. 

Find out more about Direct Deposit  

Benefits and Payment Schedule

Find out payment information: If you are wondering if a payment has been issued to you, you can check the status of your benefit payments through our phone system. Contact us at 902.491.8999 or toll free at 1.800.870.3331 and follow the prompts when you call.

You can also check your bank account or contact your bank to see if a deposit has been made to your account. If a payment has been made, your bank statement will include an entry from “Pay CompensatiWCB Nova Scotia.”

Temporary Earnings Replacement Benefits (TERB)
TERB payments are issued daily Monday to Friday (during business hours; holiday schedules are planned ahead of time). Once established, TERB payments are typically issued biweekly.

Medical Aid
Medical Aid payments are issued weekly on Wednesday and Friday.

Medical Aid Monthly
Medical Aid Monthly payments (example: Attendant Allowance, Home Care Services) are issued every third Friday of the month.

Medical Aid Yearly
Medical Aid Yearly payments (example: clothing allowance) are issued once a year in June.

Regular Monthly Long-Term Benefits
Benefits such as monthly pensions are issued once a month using the following schedule:

2017 Monthly Payment Schedule

•    January 12
•    February 10
•    March 10
•    April 11
•    May 12
•    June 12
•    July 13
•    August 11
•    September 11
•    October 10
•    November 10
•    December 11

These are the cheque issue dates. In most cases, a paper cheque should be delivered within five business days of the date. For those who use the WCB's direct deposit service, payments should normally be deposited within three business days. 

Pension Adjustment
Pension adjustment payments are issued by cheque only. This includes pension adjustments, retroactive long-term benefit payments and lump sum
payments (commutations). These cheques are generally printed and mailed every Tuesday and Thursday.

Note: If you have more than one claim, you only need to complete one Direct Deposit Enrollment Form and provide one set of banking account information. All deposits for all active claims will be deposited in the same bank account.