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Current Consultations and Archive

Current Consultations

Please note: Consultation period for Pre-Existing Conditions has been extended to January 31, 2017

1) The WCB has a Revolving Program Policy Agenda that determines the policy agenda for coming years and is set through consultation by stakeholders. The next topic on this agenda is the development of a new policy regarding workers with pre-existing medical conditions. The intent of the proposed policy discussed in this paper is to provide clarity and consistency in the adjudication and management of claims involving a pre-existing condition.

In spring 2016, the WCB Board of Directors approved a two stage policy consultation on this topic. The first stage of the consultation took place in June 2016 and involved a working group composed of key stakeholders including injured workers, labour and employer groups. This paper initiates the second stage of the consultation, and the WCB welcomes feedback on both this paper and the attached draft policy. The Board of Directors will consider the feedback received during this stage and will determine whether revisions are required to the draft program policy before finalizing the policy.

To review the background paper and the proposed changes click here. If you would like to comment on the draft Pre-Existing Conditions policy, please provide your feedback January 31, 2017 to:

Caroline Read, Policy Analyst
WCB of Nova Scotia
PO Box 1150
Halifax NS B3J 2Y2


Archive Consultations

The following is a listing of the policy topics the WCB has consulted on in recent years. Please click on a topic to link to the respective consultation paper.